Climate Change Catastrophe

British Columbia beetle killClimate change can be a controversial subject, depending where on the globe you live. Some claim we are in a warming trend while others claim we’re in a cooling trend. Regardless of your view it’s impossible to deny that the Mountain Pine beetle is spreading rapidly due to warmer winter conditions.

The pine beetle has historically been Mother nature’s way to thin our forests and produce healthy old growth stands. But due to a warming trend in the West the beetle is flourishing.

Cold winter temperatures have historically kept the mountain pine beetle at bay, but there is no known cure for this epidemic. The preferred meal for this beetle has historically been the Ponderosa Pine and Lodge Pole Pine tree, but as it moves East in Canada there is a new threat as it is adapts to a different species of tree called the Jack Pine. If the beetle is successful adapting to the Jack Pine, North America could have an even larger problem on it’s hands.

Figuring out new products and markets will at least allow us to utilize these standing dead trees instead of allowing them to turn into kindling for the next catastrophic wild fire.

As you can see from this video the problem is large, and growing quickly.


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