Dead Trees Standing

Montana pine beetle killed forestWe have been very blessed to meet some amazing people over the years. The “Dead Trees Standing” video was a vision we had after visiting with our good friends at R&R Conner Aviation. We live in Montana and everyday see our dead and dying forests as a result of the mountain pine beetle epidemic. We brainstormed about how to reach as many people as possible regardless of their stance, views, or political affiliation.

There is no agenda behind this video, we’re just sharing what we in the West are dealing with in regards to the pine beetle epidemic. Without some kind of solution millions of acres of forests and thousands of homes could be turned into ashes.

If given the choice, most people would love to live in the trees. It’s a great thought to leave the forest alone and let Mother Nature take her course, but now that we humans live in and among the forest proper, management is a necessity.

With proper management and the reduction of forest fuels we can improve overall forest health and help preserve our old growth forests.

A special thanks to Joe and Jim for making this video happen.


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