Helicopter Logging

eco friendly logging methodsThe condition of many U.S. forest lands is in great despair.  Due in part to over 100 years of fire suppression — disease, bug infestation and drought have wreaked havoc on timberlands throughout our Nation.

Historically, fire have been nature’s way to cleanse the forests, however fire suppression has contributed to an overgrown and unhealthy forest landscape. Because of these conditions wild fires are raging through our once beautiful forests devastating the landscape for years to come. In many places due to the poor condition of the trees, fires are no longer playing a natural role, but are burning with such intensity and heat that everything is destroyed leaving the soils robbed of nutrients, killing most trees, and negatively affecting the streams, rivers, and wildlife, as well.

Through proper logging methods timbered lands can be managed to avoid such events.  Heli-logging has the least impact on the ground allowing diseased or bug killed trees to be removed without having to harm or impact sensitive soils or other healthy trees left standing and it also reduces the spread of invasive weeds.  Heli-logging lends itself to immediate results by reducing fuels, restoring forest health, and leaves a visually pleasing landscape within the logged area in addition to increasing property values.

We are so proud to partner up with our friends at R&R Conner Aviation in order to make a difference in our local Montana forests.  By purchasing products from Montana Timber Products you are helping to create local jobs, preserve our timberlands, and give dead standing trees a future life in your home.


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