The Green Building Movement in the US

Ranchwood ShuttersThe green building movement in the U.S. originated from the need and desire for more environmentally friendly construction practices. It can be traced to the energy (especially fossil oil) crisis and the environment pollution concern in the 1970s.

As energy costs rise and the nation becomes more environmentally aware, the green movement is gaining momentum. Green building is no longer limited to a few folks living on the fringes and off the grid. Sustainable building is a major, mainstream trend supported by government incentives and the ability to quantify effectiveness through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

A Modern Movement Dating Back Millennia

Green building is a modern movement, but we can trace some uses back as far as the Anasazi of the Southwest, who built entire villages in such a way that each building received solar heat in the winter. Of course, they also used renewable, local materials like rocks and natural mortar.

Reasons to Build Green

Sustainable building practices aim to reduce the environmental impact of new buildings. Recently, modern sustainability initiatives call for green practices in the retrofitting of existing structures in addition to new construction.

The objective is that green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment.

Green Building at Montana Timber Products

Our mission: Montana Timber Products is committed to creating a legacy of renewable timber products from Montana’s forests for homes everywhere, through good stewardship of our environment and natural resources.

It is our mission to be sustainable, which means our products and practices are sustainable. In fact, not only are our practices designed to reduce negative environmental impacts, our efforts are beneficial to our environment, creative a positive impact, by contributing to the health of our forests.

Learn more about these practices on our Ranchwood page, under the tab titled Renewable.

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