Green Interior Design

In addition to sustainable site, building, and landscaping design, green design has been adapted to the art of interior design as well.

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, green design is design that goes beyond being just efficient, attractive, on time and on budget. It is a design that cares about how such goals are achieved, about its effect on people and on the environment. Sustainable design is the fastest growing segment of the interior design industry.

Products & Treatments

There are numerous ways in which a homeowner can reduce impacts to the environment through interior design. Determine the sustainability, as well as the health and energy impacts, of the products and treatments you use in your interior construction and décor.

Every aspect of interior design, from surface materials to furnishings, can be green. Often products we consider sustainable, such as bamboo, are treated chemically and vary by manufacturer. Research the treatments used on your products as well as the finishes you’ll apply. There are greener paint options available today that are far less toxic than traditional paints.

One of the newest timber products on the market is sustainable, responsible and aesthetically pleasing. Ranchwood is real timber, harvested from dead-standing trees, a process which contributes to healthy forests. It is also treated with non-toxic all-natural ingredients. It is hand-crafted to for the appeal of reclaimed wood from a renewable source.

Ranchwood is available in interior accent options such as timbers, railings, trim, flooring, and furniture. These photos show a few examples of interior applications.

Whether you are building new or are interested in an interior remodeling project, studies show that when considered from the start of a project, the costs of green design are only marginally more than traditional design. Research each of your product and treatment choices to determine their eco-friendliness. And you need not sacrifice aesthetic appeal in your quest for green design.

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