Springtime for the Construction Market!

Springtime is here!

The sun is starting to shine and from the reports we receive from our sales team spread across the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest it’s also starting to shine on new construction activity.

This recent Fortune article on http://money.cnn.com/ provides a good summary of how the market is shaping up–With new construction supply at record lows and standing inventory being absorbed the market is slowly shaping up to experience an upward trend….indicating we’ll be seeing more holes in the ground.

Real estate: It’s time to buy again

“The talking heads who are down on real estate will hate to hear this, but America needs to build a lot more houses. And in most markets the price of new homes is fixin’ to rise, not fall.” –Mike Castleman

Castleman is in a unique position to know. As the founder and CEO of a company called Metrostudy, he’s spent more than three decades tracking real-time data on the country’s inventory of new homes. Each quarter he dispatches 500 inspectors to literally drive through 45,000 subdivisions from Baltimore to Sacramento. The inspectors examine 5 million finished lots, one at a time, and record whether they contain a house that’s under construction, one that’s finished and for sale, or a home that’s sold. Metrostudy covers 19 states, or around 65% of the U.S. housing market, including all the ones hardest hit by the crash: Florida, California, Arizona, and Nevada. The company’s client list includes virtually every major homebuilder and bank — from Pulte (PHM) and KB Home (KBH) to Bank of America (BAC) and Wells Fargo (WFC).

Today Castleman is witnessing an extraordinary reversal of the new-home glut that helped sink prices just a few years ago. In the 41 cities Metrostudy covers, a total of 78,000 houses are now either vacant and for sale, or under construction. That’s less than one-fourth of the 343,000 units in those two categories at the peak of the frenzy in mid-2006, and well below the level of a decade ago. “If we had anything like normal levels of buying, those houses would sell in 2½ months,” says Castleman. “We’d see an incredible shortage. And that’s where we’re heading.”

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At Montana Timber Products, our model of selling product directly to our end users through our qualified and talented sales team, places our company as a forefront provider for the recovery.

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