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Sawmill Salvages Dead-Standing Trees

Excerpt from article by Tom Mullen:

Where most people saw a crash in the local economy, John Giuliani saw opportunity. Where others see dead-standing trees and destruction, John Giuliani sees a renewable resource, a way to promote healthy forests and a specialty timber product.

Four years ago, as the timber market began to spiral downward, he hit upon an idea. “As the economy crashed,” he told the Silver State Post, “I wanted to find some unique way to bring a product to market that was different and that was sustainable—a product that brought value to the timber market.”

The product he envisioned was Ranchwood, specialty hand-crafted lumber with the allure of weathered barn wood. The rustic look of barn wood is prized by craftsmen and designers to add seasoned warmth to modern cabins, lodges, and resorts. The difference: rather than dismantling historical structures to reclaim old barn wood, Giuliani’s raw material would be the reddish dead-standing timber most people in these parts have been expecting to fuel the largest forest fire in a century.

He gathered a talented team with industry experience and set upon creating Montana Timber Products. The goal: to create the newest trends in sustainable and responsible timber products.

“In a nutshell, we take new wood and make it look old. We purchase wood from small local mills, then we take their product and remanufacture it into Ranchwood,” Giuliani said.The primary source is dead standing trees (often beetle kill) from areas in the Rocky Mountain West.” Harvesting these trees promotes healthy forests and reduces the risks of forest fire.

Another of the company’s unique features is its streamlined distribution—it sells its products directly to the consumer.

“Historically, in the lumber industry wood is harvested and the product is distributed through traditional channels. Typically the value of these channel partners was to carry inventory, but no one wants to carry inventory in this economy, so we sell our product directly to the end user,” Giuliani explained. “We develop intimate relationships with our end users. That direct relationship allows us to know exactly what our customers want and to provide them the best value.”

That’s where Giuliani’s knowledgeable sales team comes into play. Hand-picked talent represents MTP across the U.S. and Canada, especially the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest states. Their backgrounds range from high-end custom home building to architecture and design.

For the rest of the entire article, click Silver State Post Article PDF.

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