ranchwood Rustic Hewn Barn Wood Siding, Timber, and Decking Series Prefinished with Seal Once- Garden Valley-Boise, Idaho

Where: Garden Valley-Boise, Idaho
What: Private Residence
Special requirements: Siding and timber product that integrates with rustic modern architectural and interior design, blends into landscape, and provides cost effective option to reclaimed barn wood.
Solution: Customized hand hewn texture and color combination to meet architect specifications, Timber series that is congruent with aesthetic appeal of siding product.
Products: 1×8 and 1×10 Tackroom Hand Hewn, 2×6 Tackroom Tongue and Groove, Wire Brushed Decking Material, Various Timber Sizes for accent and structural support.  All Pre-Finished with NO VOC Seal-Once waterproofer
Contractor: Roger Taylor, Travco Construction  http://travcohomes.com
Architect: Michael K. Gibson, ArchitectureGroup    http://www.architecturegroup.com
Designer: KellyTabit, Six Walls Inc.  http://www.six-walls.com
Landscape Design: Scot Eckley, Scot Eckley, Inc.  http://www.scoteckley.com


Hand Hewn 1×10 Shiplap siding, 2×6 Tongue & Groove Ceiling Decking, Hewn Timber Series-Tackroom 













Montana Timber Products continues to provide unique design solutions for builders, architects, and home owners interested in wood siding and timber products which decrease long term preventative maintenance, increase curb appeal, and provide a cost effective alternative to other building products that are available.  Here, the owner of this Private Residence desired rustic hewn siding and timber products which integrated nicely with stone accents and lighting features.



Montana Timber Products commonly provides rustic decking options to compliment the siding and timber choices preferred by customers.  Here, the owner chose a surfaced 2×6 wire brushed finish.  This smooth product integrates well with the rustic design scheme of the residence.  The product finish provides a six year warranty against water penetration-it was prefinished with Seal-Once.




Other exterior design products, such as Montana Timber Products AquaFir (pictured above as window trim) are customized to match exterior doors and integrate well with siding and timber selections.

Montana Timber Products currently provides a variety of texture and prefinished Seal-Once product selections throughout the Western United States.  Please inquire with your local sales representative to explore how our products can be excellent aesthetic and cost effective solutions.












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