Prefinished ranchwood™ wood siding is a rustic alternative for reclaimed barn wood-Squaw Valley and Truckee, CA

Where: Squaw Valley and Truckee, California
What: ranchwood™ wood siding for remodel of personal residences
Special requirements:  Rustic and prefinished siding option that represents reclaimed barn wood, easy to install, cost effective alternative to other siding options available. Siding product prefinished with NO VOC Seal-Once waterproofer with enhanced UV stability.
Solution:  ranchwood™ Tackroom (Truckee) and Western Exposure (Squaw Valley) wood siding and trim
Products:  1×8 and 1×10 Ship Lap, 2” Square Edge Trim Pieces


Western Exposure-1×10 Shiplap                         Tackroom-1×10 Shiplap


Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood siding is commonly used for both new construction and the remodel of existing homes.  Pictured here, these owners desired a rustic wood siding solution which updated the exterior of their homes.  An important aspect of the owner’s product decisions was the benefit of utilizing a product prefinished with Seal-Once, a NO VOC NON TOXIC waterproofer which provides a warranty against water ingress an enhanced UV protection.  Unlike many other coating products available on the market, Seal-Once provides long term preventative maintenance advantages over other coating applications available and is a safe and easy product to reapply. The Seal-Once product is a penetrator-moving into the subsurface of the porous material, as opposed to other products which sit on the surface of the wood and are therefore more susceptible to water and UV erosion.



1×10 shiplap Western Exposure ranchwood siding integrated with metal sheeting provides a Mountain Modern update to this home in Squaw Valley, CA.  2” Square Edge trim material utilized to accent windows and metal sheeting design.

Two inch trim material integrates with 1×10 horizontal shiplap siding.  As homeowners consider updates to homes built several years ago, ranchwood is a popular choice vs. other wood siding options available on the market.  Available in various dimensions, profiles and colors, ranchwood is an excellent cost alternative and nicely integrates with various types of building materials to provide aesthetic appeal.











The original siding on this home was replaced with Montana Timber Products.  ranchwood™ Tackroom 1×10 shiplap utilized to highlight entry way to residence. 1×10 square edge Tackroom faux entry way beams integrates porch post material with entry (see above) . 2” window trim material wraps windows and ties well with 1×10 horizontal shiplap material.















Nationally, we’re starting to experience a design trend we reference as “Mountain Modern”-taking products which look old and combining them to accent contemporary design.  Montana Timber Products prides itself on the company’s innovative design concepts, flexible production capabilities, and well educated sales representatives.

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