Mountain Modern Home Finds the Beach with the Appeal of AquaFir™ Douglas Fir Timbers and ranchwood™ reclaimed rustic wood siding – Idaho

Where: Northern Idaho

What: Personal Residence

Special Requirements:

Solution: 1×8 Ship Lap Siding and timbers

Product: ranchwood™-Southern wood siding and AquaFir™ Bronze Cedar timbers.


Set on the shore of a small moutain lake in Northern Idaho, this mountain modern home creates the perfect summer gettaway. The comfort of white sands and the rustic mountain appeal of Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ siding and AquaFir™ timbers make for a truly unique build.


The combination of rustic ranchwood™ Ship Lap siding and AquaFir™ beams creates stunning contast and depth. Not only are these two products an affordable alternative to reclaimed barn wood, their specialized kiln drying process and seal once treatment creates superior longevity and resistance to the harsh elements of the West.




The rough texture and accented wood grain of ranchwood™ siding offers amazing contrast against this rustic stone fireplace. Whether used exteriorly or interiorly, ranchwood™ and AquaFir™ siding will add aesthetic vintage beauty and incredible longevity.

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