Montana Timber Products Rustic Sliding, Exterior, and Interior Barnwood Doors

If you have ever had the privilege of spending time in Montana’s Beartooth mountains in Northern Yellowstone, then you understand why we named this beautiful pair of rustic barn doors after such a spectacular place. We won’t try to tell you that these rustic doors have seen what the mountains have seen, but their weathered circle saw texture is sure to have you wondering.

(Below: “Beartooth” double doors. Product: ranchwood™.  Color: Tackroom)



The Bitteroot and Elkhorn doors feature circle saw textured paneling and wire brushed framing. The Bitteroot has a slightly modern look to it. Many find this style to be well suited for bathroom, pantry, and closet doors.The Elkhorn, named after an abandoned Montana mining town, features a  traditional cross brace.

(Below Left: “Bitteroot”. Rails (vertical) and Stiles (horizontal) color: AquaFir™ Driftwood. Panel color: ranchwood™ Tackroom.)

(Below Right: “Elkhorn”. Rails (vertical) and Stiles (horizontal): ranchwood™ Yellowstone. Panel Color: ranchwood™ Tackroom)



The Sapphire and Bear Paw make great exterior doors. The Sapphire’s robust width, and profiled mutton bars give it the simple sophistication desired for a front entry-way door. The slimmer profile of the Bear Paw is popular for side doors and garage doors.

(Below Left: “Sapphire”. Rails (vertical) and Stiles (horizontal) color: ranchwood™ Tackroom. Panel color: AquaFir™ Brown.)

(Below Right: “Bear Paw”. Rails (vertical) and Stiles (horizontal) color: AquaFir™ Battleship Gray. Panel color: ranchwood™ circle sawn Southern)

 sapphireBear Paw

All Montana Timber Products doors’ colors, textures, and profiles can be made-to-order, and are prefinished with Seal-Once, a 100% VOC free waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty.

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