Solid Wood Products from our Specialty Sawmill

Spurred by designs featuring reclaimed wood, Montana Timber Products has created home building materials from sustainably harvested timber. Our products are the most environmentally friendly choices in wood siding, trim, fascia, timbers, flooring, decking, paneling, accents and molding, and just about any other application you can imagine.

Visit our AquaFir™ and ranchwood™ product lines featuring our specialty manufacturing and pre-finished with Seal-Once™

Below you you find examples of different textures and profiles that we offer in our products.  Montana Timber Products sales representatives are able to assist you with all your needs in addition to our other fine products.  If you have any questions simply contact your local sales rep or distributor to help you with your needs.

In order to provide additional options, we can work with a local partner to provide flooring, windows and custom doors.

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