A New Era in Eco-Friendly Building Products

AquaFir™ is a premium prefinished wood substitute for architects, contractors, and homeowners who have historically chosen various species of cedar or pine; but want more durability, strength, and waterproofing . AquaFir’s Doug Fir substrate is Kiln Dried to a moisture content range of 10-15% and is commonly used for siding, trim, decking, fencing, and timbers.

AquaFir™ is pre-finished with two coats of our NO VOC Seal-Once™ and combined with semi-transparent tint to color the product just the way you want. Our multiple color combinations increase the breadth of offerings and provide you with several choices to choose from.


We also offer a fire retardant protective coating that when applied to our products reduces flammability and delays combustion. Although all wood products will burn, those that are treated will resist flames significantly better than non-treated wood. As an added insurance ask about Fire/Flame Protective Retardant Coatings on your order.

Our distinct style enhances the beauty & texture of wood; while providing long-lasting protection, low maintenance, and an environment friendly product.

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