Ranchwood Rustic Barn Wood Siding


Where: Black Bull Golf Community-Bozeman, Montana
What: Personal Residence in Bozeman’s Private Golf Community  developments in the nation.
Special requirements:  Siding product that meets architectural design criteria of community covenants, blends into landscape, is most cost effective and durable than Reclaimed Barn Wood
Solution: Customized profile, texture, and color combination to meet architect specifications, Siding product that has a weather proofing sealant application and warranty
Products:  1×10 Southern Exposure Custom Lap Profile for Horizontal,  Random Width Southern Exposure Shiplap for Vertical, Custom tinted trim Barn Wood (white) for windows, entry, garage doors

Random width 1×8 and 1×6 Ship Lap Southern Exposure, Ranchwood White 2×6 Trim and 2×8  Band

An architect for Locati Architects in Bozeman, this homeowner desired a rustic wood siding product which he could customize to meet the design criteria of the community.  Montana Timber Products was provided various color samples of reclaimed material and matched the scheme to meet the specifications.  The home utilized various profile and width applications of Ranchwood’s Southern Exposure to compliment our first White Barn Wood weathered color for trim material.


Often, wider horizontal profile applications are matched with narrower vertical applications.  Here,  the owner utilized a customized 1×10 lap profile and random width 1×8 and 1×6 Ship Lap with a customized texture for the vertical accent features.

1x10 Custom Lap profile for Horizontal Siding, 2×8 Band, 2×6 Window Trim












Random Width Ship Lap (Vertical) matched with 1×10 Horizontal

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