ranchwood™ Mixed Profile Siding Applications

Posted on: August 12, 2016

ranchwood™  Mixed Profile Siding Applications

Where: Driggs, ID

What: Residential Home

Solution: Horizontal Circle Sawn Board and Batten, and Vertical reverse Board and Batten Circle Sawn Square Edge reclaimed barn wood alternative siding.

Product: Montana Timber Products ranchwood™

This week’s project follows last week’s project in Driggs, Idaho, featuring a second home in a four home development. This Mountain Rustic home features a combination of cedar shakes, hewed stainless steel paneling, stone, and Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood™, rustic reclaimed barn wood alternative. Montana Timber Products’ comprehensive offering of reclaimed barn wood and reclaimed barn wood alternatives gave the designer of this four home project many options to make each one its own unique mountain rustic design.

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This build utilizes Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood™ rustic reclaimed barn wood alternative siding and trim. The ranchwood™ product line features eight standard color options. However, all material is made to order and fully customizable. Variations of color tones can made to your preference.

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All Montana Timber Products natural wood siding products can be profiled in any standard or custom profile. Among others, popular standard profiles include Shiplap, Channel Rustic (a.k.a. Shiplap with a reveal), and Tongue and Groove. There are also multiple design options when using standard Square Edge siding. The photo above displays the use of Square Edge siding for horizontal Board and Batten and vertical reverse Board and Batten design.

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The varying milling practices used at different points in time determined the various textures that are seen in traditional rustic reclaimed barn wood. Dating back to the more primitive practices of non-mechanized hand tools, structural timbers were commonly Hand Hewn with an adze or an axe. Montana Timber Products offers two texture offerings to replicate these traditional rustic hewing techniques. The options are Hand Hewn and Pioneer. Additionally, more commonly seen rustic siding texture options are Circle Sawn and Wire Brushed. The Circle Sawn texture commonly seen on rustic reclaimed barn wood is created from the large circular saw blades used in more traditional milling practices. The Wire Brushed option, like the Circle Sawn, adds physical and aesthetic depth to the wood grain. In addition to the aesthetic beauty added from the texturing process, greater surface area is created, which allows the Seal-Once, 100% NO VOC waterproofer to more effectively penetrate the wood.

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All Montana Timber Products natural wood siding is crafted from new, non-chemically treated wood. This means that there is no introduction of chemicals into our environment or into your home, making all products safe to use for interior and exterior applications and free of noxious odors. Additionally, because you can choose your dimensions, you will reduce waste from 30-40% of traditional reclaimed wood usage to 5-10% when using ranchwood™; eliminating waste and saving you money.

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Whether you are looking for siding, beams, flooring, or interior accents, Montana Timber Products offers a solution for your rustic needs. All Montana Timber Products’ prefinished wood siding utilizes Seal-Once, a 100% NO VOC waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty against water ingress.


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