ranchwood™ Eastern Siding, Trim, Soffit, and Fascia


Where: Truckee, California

What: Private Residence

Product: Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ Eastern siding, soffit, and trim pre-finished and ready to install.

 Product Use: This beautiful home is dressed with  rustic ranchwood™ Eastern siding in both vertical and horizontal applications. Two inch thick trim highlights the doors, windows and fascia.

The use of 2″ fascia helps this large home with balance while adding to the rustic feel of the home. ranchwood™ Eastern can also be found in the soffit and porch cover with a tongue and groove profile.

Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ is pre-finished and comes ready to install. Truckee has extreme weather variation and can be a challenge for wood protection. This is where Seal-Once shines. Seal-Once is an eco-friendly water based wood sealant with NO VOCs.

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