Define your Home’s Exterior with ranchwood Artisan™


Where:  Michigan

Products:  ranchwood Artisan™ in glacier grey with a raked texture for siding, window and door trim in cedar along with the AquaFir™ product line for the portico trim and porch ceilings in charcoal and black using cedar. All the timbers are a kiln dried douglas fir that are FOHC in black with wire brushed texture from the AquaFir™ product line.
Product Use:  1×8 shiplap siding and ceiling material, window, and door trim 5/4×4.  Timbers for the portico 16x16x8, 8x8x4 bracing, with trim varying in size 2×8, 1×3, 1×8, 1×12.  The front and rear porch posts are 12x12x10 also trimmed out with 1×8 and 1×3.

The eye-catching architecture creates great curb appeal in this very balanced traditional style home.  ranchwood™ Artisan glacier grey offers color depth to create a coherent design.  The semi-transparent stain offers layers of color to draw the eye in. With the use of the darker accents from the AquaFir™ product line (charcoal and black) this created the perfect look.  Texture and color give this house a lot of dimension, the big posts bring the drama and perfect accents.


Montana Timber Products pre-finished materials make a big difference in project quality, aesthetics and allow for one stop shopping.   Being able to get siding, trim, soffit and fascia, interior accents, timbers, fabricated trusses, decking, fencing, and glulam beams all pre-finished and customized creates value.  Customers enjoy mill direct pricing and exceptional quality.   Each of the four product lines are offered in cedar and douglas fir in various grades of each wood species ranging from select tight knot to clear vertical grain product. All the products are sealed with long lasting high performance non-toxic SEAL-ONCE® ready for installation.  Find out what fits your design and budget by contacting us today. To get a quote, samples, or more information call 406-215-4961 or fill out the contact form at:

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