A Reliable Timber & Siding Company Serving Carson City

Living in Carson City doesn’t just grant you access to the rich history of the Nevada region but it also allows you to have access to premium timber products. We try to contribute to the friendliness of the communities living here by providing very friendly services, which include high-quality reclaimed wood products. Having been in business for over ten years has allowed us to expand our products to cater to various needs and to ensure high-quality standards are met. We, therefore, prioritize customer satisfaction with our products which include cedar siding and ranchwood siding. Some of the benefits of buying from us include:

Prioritization of sustainability

Even though we deal with timber products, we still care about the impact on the environment and that is why we promote the use of eco-friendly siding. We still guarantee quality style finishes with our prefinished wood siding but we work closely with small sawmills to ensure sustainability. We also have barn wood salvage.

Various products for multiple applications

Our wood siding products are ideal for inside and outside use in different types of properties. We have aquifer siding for your barns, shiplap for your traditional style home, and corral board siding for your commercial or residential property. We also stock exterior timber beams for extra curb appeal as well as natural wood trim for the interior. All our products come in different color schemes and styles that our experts can help you choose from. Even though we offer expert advice, we let you have the final say.


We protect all our wood products with penetrating wood sealer and we provide additional protection with our fire-resistant wood. These help increase the longevity of the products including engineered wood siding. 

Whatever your needs are, Montana Timber Products is here to solve them. With us, you’re guaranteed a great return of investment even if you only buy a rustic wood post. Contact us today if you need modern cedar soffit or other timber products.