Your Residential Timber Supplier in Colorado

Having been in business for over a decade has allowed us to learn about the needs of our Colorado clients and find solutions to common problems in the city. We try to add to the cheap cost of living in the region by providing you with affordable timber products that include fire-resistant wood. We want to add to your living experience here through our wide range of timber products for residential and commercial applications.

Residential applications

Traditional designs

Homes with traditional wood siding designs have larger wood with pronounced textures as well as larger posts. We can give you cedar siding products that meet such designs as well as rustic wood posts that you can use to complement the exterior parts of the home.

Contemporary designs

Our prefinished wood siding can fit your modern or contemporary designs with clean and neat results. Our team of experts can also help you get natural wood trimming in the interior to match the exterior design. With our exterior timber beams and modern cedar soffit, you should get a beautiful exterior that makes your property stand out from the rest.


If you prefer an eco-friendly siding for your barn then you can use the barn wood salvage in our collection. You can add a more rustic look with our corral board siding or shiplap designs. You can also opt for aquifer siding to give your barn a country appeal that makes it stand out.

All our products come in a variation of colors and features that makes it easier for you to get a design that fits your style. This allows us to cater to every client’s individual needs and provide customized products and services. Having reclaimed wood products also allows us to recycle wood that is still in perfect condition whereas using a penetrating wood sealer ensures you get durable products for interior and exterior. 

At Montana Timber Products we take pride in providing premium timber products for various applications. If the above-named options don’t appeal to your desired design then you can check out our ranch wood siding or engineered wood siding options. We are here to fulfill your needs so contact us today for more information on our products and commercial application.