The Solution to Your Timber Application Needs in Idaho

For some people, Idaho is the gem city, but for others, it is the most boring city. Either way, it is still one of the most beautiful cities with natural landscapes and accessible resources. Since most of the population here consists of families, there is a need for suitable building products. Montana Timber Products strives to fulfill that need by providing a wide range of reclaimed wood products as well as wood siding as an alternative for those who need them. Our premium timber products aren’t just ideal for families, but also for singles looking to build homes and offices. 

Exterior application

We understand that the visual appeal of the exterior surface of a property is just as important as the interior. This is why we provide ranchwood siding and aquifer siding among many other options for you to choose from. You can also rely on our modern cedar soffit to add some visual appeal on the upper sections of your home and if you need a more modern finish, our engineered wood siding will come in handy. We have a lot of other options including corral board siding and our experienced team will help you choose the best one.

Interior applications

For the interior, you may need products that add warmth and style like what natural wood trim provides. Alternatively, you can use prefinished wood siding or cedar siding on the inside walls to give the appeal of natural wood.

Posts and beams applications

We also cater to your outdoor posts and beams with our exterior timber beams and rustic wood post options. With these, you can create an outdoor relaxation space that is as attractive as the main house. Those who prefer to have barns can also reuse our barn wood salvage or shiplap products.

At Montana Timber Products we care more about our customers and that is why we use high-quality penetrating wood sealer on all timber products. We also protect our surroundings and prioritize the use of eco-friendly siding. Whether you prefer fire-resistant wood or regular wood products, you will find it in our store. Give us a call for more information.