Timber Products for Commercial Properties in Missoula MT

Missoula MT is a great place for those who love outdoor activities because of the availability of such recreational amenities. However, if you prefer indoor activities then the movie theatres, shopping centers, and gaming arcades in the city will sort you out. Whatever your preference is, Montana Timber Products is here to make your life a lot easier regardless of whether you are an aspiring property owner or whether you already have one. Our goal is to make premium timber products easily accessible for different users such as:


Ranchwood siding can transform the way a restaurant looks especially when you choose the right colors. Restaurants can also look great with aquifer siding and cedar siding that add a rustic flair and brings in interesting contrast to modern designs. 


For your office spaces, you can use wood siding that adds warmth to both the interior and exterior spaces to make your employees more comfortable and productive. We have well-trained staff that can help you choose the most ideal design styles and colors depending on your business niche.

Resorts and hospitality properties

With our prefinished wood siding, you can be sure that your resort will have a visual appeal that attracts more customers. We can also help you find reclaimed wood products that you can use in your guest accommodations. Our exterior timber beams and natural wood trim can also enhance the aesthetic appeal in your accommodations. 

Retail stores

For retail stores, you need a unique and attractive exterior like the ones given by corral board siding to capture the attention of your customers. You can use modern cedar soffit or engineered wood siding if you’re looking for a contemporary finish.

Our company also has additional options like shiplap, rustic wood post, and barn wood salvage that you can consider. All our timber products are sealed with penetrating wood sealer and are also perfect for residential installations. Whether you need an eco-friendly siding or fire-resistant wood, our team will help you find it. Contact us today.