Your Wood Solutions in Ohio

Apart from numerous recreational activity options available in Ohio, the low cost of living and multiple business opportunities also attract people here. If you’re considering moving here then you can count on us for the best timber products. One of the best ways of making your home in Ohio more attractive is by installing wood siding to make it look like a log home. Montana Timber Products can help you get the best-prefinished wood siding as well as other premium timber products to make your home one of a kind. 

Our Products


If you want ranch wood siding to give your home a vintage appeal then our professional and knowledgeable team can help you out. We can also use barn wood salvage to add a unique style to your home or office building. These products are available in different styles and wood types.


For those who prefer a more rustic look, our aquifer siding products are an ideal option. They are easier to maintain and they are also some of the best eco-friendly sidings in the current market. 

Corral board 

Corral board siding is the best option for those who like homes with a bit of western history and culture. They are also a great cedar siding option with a rustic appeal that is perfect for residential and commercial properties alike. You can use the siding with rustic wood posts to get the perfect blend between the inside and outside.

We also have reclaimed wood products that are still strong enough for various applications. We use penetrating wood sealer to make them more appealing and ensure they remain durable. Our company also supplies engineered wood siding for those who want a natural wood appeal but have a lower budget.

At Montana Timber Products we strive to serve our clients by making sure every person has an ideal solution. You can count on us if you need fire-resistant wood, modern cedar soffit, exterior timber beams, shiplap, or even natural wood trim.