ranchwood™ Siding and Trim

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Montana Timber Products flagship product line, ranchwood™ offers the rustic look of reclaimed barn wood while maintaining all of the advantages of new custom milled wood siding.

AquaFir™ Siding and Trim

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The wide color selection of the AquaFir™ product line offers the best that real wood siding can offer. If Mountain Modern or Classic wood is what you are looking for the AquaFir™ product will meet the need.

Charwood™ Siding and Trim

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Charwood™ follows the time honored tradition of the Shou Sugi Ban style of burnt wood. With four levels of burn, Charwood™ offers the distinctive look and texture that appeals to designers and customers.

Corral Board Siding and Trim

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If you are looking for true reclaimed wood, Corral Board is for you. Already having served for years in the west, Corral Board can provide you with the classic look of naturally weathered wood.