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ranchwood™ Siding and Timbers, Interior Timbers and Accents

Where: Utah What: Residential Home Solution: Vertical 1×6 Shiplap siding, 1×6 Tongue and Groove ceiling paneling, and aesthetic structural timbers. Product: ranchwood™ Southern Exposure, mixture of Circle Sawn and Wire Brushed siding, ceiling paneling, and timbers. The nation’s premier designers and architects continue … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Shiplap Siding and Doug Fir Timbers

Where: Bozeman, MT What: Recreational Barn with Living Quarters Solution: Vertical 1×8 Shiplap siding, AquaFir Timbers Product: ranchwood™ Prairie, Circle Sawn siding and trim. This week’s project takes us back to Big Sky country in Western Montana. The leaves have fallen, and … Continue reading

Prefinished Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding Alternative- ranchwood™

Where: Park City, UT What: Residential Solution: Vertical Board on Board and horizontal Shiplap siding. Timber accents and trusses. Product: ranchwood™ Southern Exposure, Circle Sawn Timbers and Siding. ranchwood™ Eastern Exposure, Wire Brushed Trim. Mountain Rustic architectural design offers an incredible range of creativity … Continue reading

Mountain Traditional Architecture at New Golf Resort Clubhouse

Where: Residential Resort-Western United States What: Residential Solution:  Wire Brush texture 1×10 Square Edge Lap and Dutch Lap siding. Product: AquaFir Black Walnut siding-Custom color per architectural specification. As recreational development across the Western United States continues to expand, Montana Timber … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Interior Accents and Pioneer Series Timbers

Where: Midwest What: Sportsman’s Waterfowl Lodge & Resort Solution: Circle sawn texture random width and color interior and exterior ship lap siding. Pioneer Series Timbers. Product: ranchwood™ Southern, Eastern, Tackroom interior and exterior siding. ranchwood™ Yellowstone Timbers. Looking for an upscale Duck Dynasty experience? This … Continue reading

Prefinished ranchwood™ Siding

Where: Texas What: Restaurant Solution: Circle sawn texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams) and siding. Product: ranchwood™ Prarie and AquaFir wood siding and AquaFir timbers. Texture: Circle sawn and wire brushed. The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen looks to Montana Timber Products’ reclaimed barn wood alternative, ranchwood™ siding and … Continue reading

ranchwood™ Siding and Timbers

Where: Utah What: Resort Solution: Circle sawn texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), Shiplap siding. Product: ranchwood™ Western Exposure siding and  timbers. Texture: Circle sawn and wire brushed. One of Utah’s premier guest resorts has followed suit in choosing Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood™ and Aquafir … Continue reading

Barn Wood Alternative- Ranchwood Siding and AquaFir Timbers

Where: Southwestern Montana What: Resort Solution: Circle sawn texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), 1×6 vertical Shiplap siding, 2×12 Channel Rustic siding. Product: ranchwood™ and AquaFir wood siding and AquaFir timbers. Texture: Circle sawn.   Rock Creek Cattle Company is one of Montana’s premier guest ranches, featuring … Continue reading

Pioneer Wood Siding and Timber Series

Where: Colorado What: Personal Residence Solution: Pioneer Texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), Random width vertical Shiplap siding, 2×12 Channel Rustic siding with chinking. Product: ranchwood™ wood siding and timbers. Texture: Pioneer and circle sawn. Our latest project takes us back to … Continue reading

Rustic ranchwood™ Prefinished Wood Siding and Timbers

Where: Big Sky, Montana What: Personal Residence Solution: 1×8 vertical shiplap ranchwood™ Eastern Exposure wood siding. Product: ranchwood™ rustic wood siding. Texture: wire brush.   There’s an old saying that goes, “big feet… big socks”. However, here in Big Sky Montana they say, “Big Sky, big … Continue reading