Unless you’re a building contractor, the process of acquiring building materials can seem overwhelming. While you select materials for your new home or office space, you’ll navigate a new territory filled with countless choices, material grades, and building materials sources.

When building any new structure, you’ll likely come across the term mill-direct shipped lumber. When it comes time to select wood siding, find a beautifully rustic beam, source shiplap paneling, or finish the exterior or interior of your home with any wooden details, understanding what mill-direct means will cut project costs and save you stress.

What Is Mill-Direct Shipped Lumber?

Everyone knows that the lumber we use to build comes from trees growing in the forest. But how exactly do trees turn into lumber and make their way into our walls, roofs, and onto the sides of our buildings?

They do so through a supply chain. The lumber products supply chain usually flows as follows:

  • First, a logger harvests trees, sells, and hauls them to a lumber mill or sawmill.
  • The lumber mill then begins cutting the logs into lumber. They cut them lengthwise and then crosswise to specific lengths, creating planks and beams called blanks and cants. These raw materials are graded for quality and sent to a remanufacturing facility.
  • At the remanufacturing facility, the cants and blanks products are processed, treated, and finished. The remanufacturer transforms the raw wooden planks and beams into the building materials we use in our homes and commercial spaces. The blanks or cants might be cut into 2 x 4s, tongue and groove pieces, decking, or siding.
  • These finished products then leave the remanufacturing facility via a distributor or wholesaler who handles the logistics of selling and transporting them to retailers, where you can purchase them for your building projects.

Mill-Direct lumber basically cuts out the middleman (retailer), allowing you to purchase more directly from a remanufacturing facility or mill.

Why Choose Mill-Direct Lumber?

Although it might seem more convenient to simply visit your local brick and mortar construction supply store, it’s going to cost you more and the lumber you receive won’t be the best quality available.

When you choose to purchase mill-direct shipped lumber for your construction project, you’ll reap the benefits of the relationships that the building experts at Montana Timber Product have worked hard to cultivate with lumber mills located across the United States and around the world. As a result, you’ll pay less and receive higher-quality wood products.

Lower Project Costs with Mill-Direct Lumber

It costs a lot of money to operate a construction supply retail business. These companies have to pay for their locations, the money to turn the lights on every day, run the heat and air conditioning, and keep their businesses staffed. As a result, the customer winds up paying a significant markup on the products they purchase – including lumber.

When you choose mill-direct lumber for your building project, you’ll save the added expense of the retail markup. You need lumber to construct your building’s frame, basic support structure, roof, siding, interior and exterior finishes, and more. As a result, what might seem like only a small markup on individual boards and beams accumulates into a seriously significant expense in your project budget.

Quality Control with Mill-Direct Lumber

In addition to cost savings, mill-direct lumber typically results in you receiving a higher-quality product for the price of a lower-quality product from a retailer. This cost/quality difference is not only due to the cost-savings of choosing not to source lumber from a retailer, but it is also due to the fact that retailers and distributors will often fudge when it comes to grading the wood products they sell.

For example, they might assign a high-quality, reversible grade to a piece of decking when in fact it’s actually a lower quality piece that has only one side with a high-quality finish and backside that you wouldn’t want facing out.

When you purchase mill-direct lumber, the wood products you receive won’t pass through several hands that have the opportunity to change or adjust the product’s quality grade. So, you can expect to receive the true quality of product you pay for.

Finished Lumber Shipped Mill-Direct, Cedar Siding, Reclaimed Wood, and More!

Montana Timber Products brings its clients a variety of high-quality, prefinished wood siding products with plenty of mill-direct options available.

Inside and out, our clients’ building projects benefit from the quality, rustic beauty, and durability of our product lines such as:

  • Corral Board
  • Aquafir
  • Charwood
  • Ranchwood

With any of these prefinished and/or reclaimed wood options, your new home or office will stand up to the elements – even in the most extreme climates – and effortlessly maintain its timeless curb appeal.

Plus, with mill-direct shipped lumber, that convenient curb appeal won’t cost you quite as much as it would if you sourced your building materials from a traditional retailer. To get the most out of your construction budget with mill-direct lumber, contact Montana Timber Products at (406) 540-5340.