Mountain Modern-ranchwood™ Siding, Beams, and Interior Accents


Where:  Denver, Colorado
What: Mountain Modern Construction of new Personal Residence
Company:  Montana Timber Products-ranchwood siding and beams
Special requirements:  Wood product that provides aesthetic appeal for use outside and inside the home. Modern and Rustic Design which meets Owner and Architectural Specifications.  Utilize easy and consistent coating application, NO VOC NON TOXIC Seal-Once, to reduce long term preventative maintenance costs and increase effectiveness of reapplication.
Solution:  Integrate ranchwood within exterior and interior space to compliment use of multiple types of building materials and achieve aesthetic appeal desired by designers and owners.
Products:  ranchwood-Tackroom Shiplap (1×8 and 1×6) utilized in various siding, faux beam, and interior applications


ranchwood 1×6 and 1×8 Shiplap integrated with various types of stone and tile compliments color tone of  materials.


Faux Beams constructed from ranchwood


The architect and owner of this home originally specified the use of reclaimed barn wood yet had concern over budget and material waste.  ranchwood proved to be an excellent solution, providing a reasonable price alternative and easier, safe product to utilize.  The well thought out exterior and interior utilizes Montana Timber Products rustic flare to compliment a modern design.




Mountain Modern Designs


Montana Timber Products ranchwood is commonly used for interior trim and accent applications.  Nationally, we’re starting to experience a design trend we reference as “Mountain Modern”-taking products which look old and combining them to accent contemporary design.

Above, ranchwood is used for interior faux beams and wall panel to accent the kitchen design, below window inset and hallway areas, doors and trim.


A common application of for Montana Timber Products’ ranchwood and other products is ceiling panel.  Whether it is ranchwood or a surfaced product ran to a custom profile and pre-finished, MTP’s manufacturing and finishing capabilities make it an excellent option for purchasing both exterior and interior products.



Montana Timber Products prides itself on the company’s innovative design concepts, flexible production capabilities, and well educated sales representatives.

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