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At Montana Timber Products, we developed our product lines to match your unique design styles. And we put the same quality and care into each one. Choose from ranchwood™, ranchwood™ Artisan, AquaFir™, and Charwood™. These pre-finished natural wood products are manufactured from newly milled lumber in Douglas Fir, Cedar, or Hemlock. Place your custom order with us and we can incorporate materials from any of these product lines. There are so many options. You can design your project with a multitude of dimensions, textures, and profile options.

If you’re gravitating toward a true reclaimed-wood product, we also offer our Corral Board product line, which is available in more limited dimensions since our material is hand-selected from only the most authentic and richly character-ed ranches of the West. Ready to explore? See below to learn more.


Our flagship product line provides a timeless curb appeal for exterior or interior architecture. We manufacture ranchwood with sustainably harvested, kiln dried softwoods using proprietary prefinishing steps to create rich color variation and weathered character. As with all MTP products we prefinish the wood using our eco-friendly SEAL-ONCE™, which prevents water penetration while adding enhanced UV protection.

Ranchwood™ Artisan

Ranchwood Artisan

Listening to our clients led to the development of our Artisan line. Extra craftsmanship is put forth in every board to simulate the look and feel of reclaimed wood with contrasting depth of color and weathered patina. Choose Artisan for rugged western elegance, manufactured with sustainably harvested new lumber.


AquaFir™ is our most versatile line with 17 semi-transparent stain colors. With an extensive range in color options coupled with our custom milling you can select AquaFir™ for clean contemporary designs, rustic mountain retreats, or commercial facades. AquaFir™ is the ideal selection for premium prefinished substrate at a price point to fit within your interior or exterior cladding budget. Our unique prefinishing steps embolden the warmth of this natural wood product.


Charwood™ is a Japanese style of charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban, a process of finishing siding that dates back hundreds of years. Montana Timber Products has mastered our own proprietary finishing process to ensure the highest quality and character. There are a variety of styles available within the Charwood™ line to meet your range of design schemes – from light to heavy charring and multiple color tones. All Charwood™ products are stained and sealed for lasting protection, whether applied inside or out.

Corral Board

True western authenticity. This material is reclaimed from old corrals and fences across the ranchlands of the mountain west. Weathered from years of use, Corral Board has a varied patina and comes as-is with bands of moss, fastener holes and remnants from livestock. There will be a mix of grey and brown tones when using Corral Board and higher level of culled material.

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