Montana Timber Products Resources & Specifications

Face Coverage and Profile Specifications

In the milling process we true the board to help eliminate any bow as we are profiling the wood. The milling process will alter the face coverage of the wood due to the overlapping of the profile. Below you will find the links to documents showing the lap dimensions and face coverage of our standard profiles.

Montana Timber Products Face Coverage and Profile Specifications- Doug Fir

Montana Timber Products Face Coverage and Profile Specifications- Cedar

Relief Cut

We relief cut our siding on the back of the boards to create air circulation behind the siding and to help stabilize the board. We only do this on siding unless the customer makes a special request. The link below will show you an example of a relief cut board

Montana Timber Products Relief Cut Example

Installation, Acclimation, and Maintenance

The Acclimation, Installation, and Maintenance is the before, present, and future of the success and enjoyment of your wood products. Acclimation will help the wood adjust to your local environment prior to installation, minimizing shrinkage and cracking. Following industry best practices installation guidelines will correctly anchor your wood to the structure minimizing movement of the wood over time. Correct maintenance will ensure your long term enjoyment and the high level of performance your wood products have to offer. Below are some tips and guidelines to help you through this process. Additionally you will find a copy of the Montana Timber Products Limited Warranty.

Montana Timber Products Installation Acclimation and Maintenance of Wood Products

Montana Timber Products Siding Installation Tips

Montana Timber Products Limited Warranty