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  • Expertise
    Our team has years of experience in the sustainable specialty lumber industry, and our team of experts can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your project.
  • High-Quality Customized Products
    We offer a wide range of prefinished exterior & interior cladding and timber options made from top-quality natural wood materials, finished to the highest standards. Combined with our in-house custom milling capabilities, we can customize your prefinished wood products to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect product fit for your project.
  • Strong Customer Support
    Our entire team places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and is focused on providing ongoing support to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and service.
  • Direct Delivery
    Every order placed with us is delivered just-in-time to your jobsite ready for installation.

Supporting Structures and Aesthetic Touches

If it can be engineered, we’ve got you covered – from a 3’ x 3’ casing to an 8’ x 16’ mantelpiece to 50-foot long 12×12’s. All Montana Timber Products timbers are manufactured to your exact requirements. We offer a variety of texturing and dimension options, pre-finished with the color and product type that you choose. Typical applications include: porch posts, decorative accents, corbels, trusses, structural columns, purlins, braces, and rafter beams; both interior and exterior.

Please consider these benefits offered by Montana Timber Products:

  • Only the best materials are used. You can select from;
    • Kiln-Dried #1 and Better Free-of-Heart Center Douglas Fir timbers
    • Cedar timbers
    • Glu-Lam beams (GLB’s)
  • Order finishes to match or complement your siding. Timbers and beams are shipped to you pre-finished and ready to install.
  • Feel confident with the experience of Montana Timber Products. We’ve placed timbers in the finest custom homes, in entire subdivisions, and in personal projects throughout North America.

Send us your drawings today, so we can collaborate with you on your masterpiece.

Taking the Work out of Trusswork

Montana Timber Products is pleased to offer pre-manufactured trusses. If your project has trusswork, we can collaborate with you to create the most economical and efficient means of constructing it. You can either choose our pre-finished truss components to build on-site or our pre-fabricated trusses shipped assembled. We partner with a trusted truss manufacturer that has decades of experience with an exceptional portfolio of quality work.

If you don’t need trusses, but simply desire highly customized, detail work on your timbers, please give us a call. Let’s brainstorm creative solutions for our next project together.

  • AquaFir™ | Driftwood | Wire Brushed

  • AquaFir™ | Custom Color | Resawn

  • AquaFir™ | Bronze Cedar | Wire Brushed

  • AquaFir™ | Brown | Wire Brushed

  • AquaFir™ | Brown | Wire Brushed | Fireline™ Pressure-Treated

  • AquaFir™ | Bronze Cedar | Wire Brushed

  • ranchwood™ | Western | Resawn

  • AquaFir™ | Brown | Wire Brushed

  • AquaFir™ | Bronze Cedar | Resawn

  • ranchwood™ | Eastern | Wire Brushed

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Custom Color | Pioneer

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Custom Color | Pioneer

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