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  • Expertise
    Our team has years of experience in the sustainable specialty lumber industry, and our team of experts can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your project.
  • High-Quality Customized Products
    We offer a wide range of prefinished exterior & interior cladding and timber options made from top-quality natural wood materials, finished to the highest standards. Combined with our in-house custom milling capabilities, we can customize your prefinished wood products to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect product fit for your project.
  • Strong Customer Support
    Our entire team places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and is focused on providing ongoing support to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and service.
  • Direct Delivery
    Every order placed with us is delivered just-in-time to your jobsite ready for installation.

Crafting Pre-finished Wood Siding & Trim

It’s the heart and soul of what we do at Montana Timber Products. Collectively, our team of craftsmen, service representatives and managers has decades of experience in manufacturing, design and construction. As a result, we know what discerning homeowners, developers, contractors, restaurateurs, and others are looking for in natural wood building materials – nothing, but the best. You’ll find it with Montana Timber Products.  And here are a few reasons that you can feel confident in the durability of our materials:

We Deliver the Highest Quality:

  • The best available natural wood substrates suitable for exterior siding, available in Douglas Fir with knotty or clear grades or Cedar with select tight knot or clear grades.
  • Finished with advanced, eco-friendly Seal-Once water-based water sealant that we’ve relied on since our inception for superior protection.
  • Manufactured inside our enclosed facility to ensure optimum quality standards, where they are finished and sealed before shipping to your job site. Extra stain is included with each order to treat cut ends during installation.

Extensive Experience:

  • Montana Timber Products has been manufacturing pre-finished exterior siding since 2010.
  • We have successfully placed material in every climate and region of North America, including the mountains of Montana, the humid islands of Hawaii, the sun-drenched deserts of Arizona, the cold climate of Alaska as well as the East Coast from Nova Scotia to Florida..
  • Our knowledgeable staff will work directly with you to answer any questions and help you place the right product for your needs. Though not every product is appropriate for every situation, we have built an extensive list of options to create solutions that are appropriate for most projects.
  • Charwood™ | Midnight | Douglas Fir

  • Corral Board

  • Charwood™ | Silvertip | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Battleship | Wire Brushed | STK Cedar

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Hazelnut | Smooth | STK Cedar

  • Corral Board

  • AquaFir™ | Light Brown | Smooth | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Ash | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk+Homestead | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Tobacco + Clear | Smooth | CVG Cedar

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Glacier Grey | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Tobacco | Smooth | Fireline™ Pressure-Treated | STK Cedar

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk | Pioneer | Douglas Fir

  • Charwood™ | Silvertip | Douglas Fir

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