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    Our team has years of experience in the sustainable specialty lumber industry, and our team of experts can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your project.
  • High-Quality Customized Products
    We offer a wide range of prefinished exterior & interior cladding and timber options made from top-quality natural wood materials, finished to the highest standards. Combined with our in-house custom milling capabilities, we can customize your prefinished wood products to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect product fit for your project.
  • Strong Customer Support
    Our entire team places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and is focused on providing ongoing support to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and service.
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    Every order placed with us is delivered just-in-time to your jobsite ready for installation.

Elevate Your Interiors

At Montana Timber Products, we understand that the interior spaces of your home or business are essential to your comfort and health.  Much like that cherished framed photo on your nightstand, the aesthetics and ambiance of your interior environments matter deeply. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you create biophilic interiors that reflect your unique style.

Unveiling the Elegance Within

Our specialty lies in offering a seamless and visually stunning solution for your interior wood cladding needs. Consider these applications for you next project:

  • Exquisite accents for ceilings that draw your gaze upward
  • Prefinished posts, beams and trusses to complement your luxurious rustic theme
  • Elegant wainscoting that adds depth and character to your walls
  • Accent walls that become the focal point of any room
  • Interior trim that’s both functional and aesthetic

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Our team is in the business of helping you bring your vision to life. We invite you to explore our range of interior prefinished natural products and let your creativity run wild. Whether you’re aiming to create a cozy, rustic atmosphere, or a sleek, modern look, we have the solutions you need to make your interiors truly exceptional. 

  • AquaFir™ | Clear | Smooth | CVG Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Ash | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Tobacco | Wire Brushed | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • Corral Board

  • AquaFir™ | Clear | Smooth | CVG Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ | Southern | Wire Brushed | STK Cedar

  • Charwood™ | Ebony | Douglas Fir

  • Charwood™ | Tiger | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ | Northern | Circle Sawn | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Black + Natural | Wire Brushed | Douglas Fir

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Ash | Raked | STK Cedar

  • ranchwood™ Artisan | Dusk | Raked | Douglas Fir

  • AquaFir™ | Brown | Smooth | STK Cedar

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