About Montana Timber Products

In 2010 the pioneers of Montana Timber Products saw the need for rustic wood products and a demand for a suitable substitute for reclaimed wood products.  Confident that we could produce a finish that would replicate the reclaimed wood look and feel, we began the process of building a successful business.  Starting small, one customer at a time, Montana Timber Products began selling Fir siding and timbers to a few local builders in Southwest Montana.  Today, Montana Timber Products has grown to be the largest supplier of specialized rustic wood building materials in the United States. We have expanded our product lines, increased color options, added Cedar, and focused on our production processes to bring our customers a great value based product. Our market has expanded with our customers covering  the entire United States and Western Europe. We have had a lot of help along the way, but most of all, our success is founded on a great product and customer service.

Please read a little more about the Montana Timber Products company philosophy and mission. We appreciate your business and hope that you will become a part of our large family of satisfied customers.

Sustainable Pioneers

Montana Timber Products is an environmentally conscious specialty wood products company in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. While focusing on utilizing state-of-the-art technology, direct sourcing, and a streamlined distribution network, Montana Timber Products is the industry leader in quality pre-finished natural wood materials in a sustainable resource environment.

The source of our wood:

Montana Timber Products works with small sawmills to support proper forest stewardship and to ensure we are offering a sustainable product. We are able to work with these small sawmills to eliminate unneeded production steps saving time, energy and cost while receiving a better quality raw material.

Environmentally friendly harvesting and production:

Montana Timber Products is dedicated to the sustainable harvest of our forests. We support the preservation of old growth forests and encourage forestry stewardship that is focused on the reduction of the negative impact on delicate soils and water sheds, and the increase of wildlife habitat.  We also support the use of sustainable wood products to be used to curb the dismantling of historical buildings for the purpose of new construction.

It is important to us that we not waste any of the harvested wood. We recycle all by-products, including the sawdust from our production plant.

We care about our environment and the sustainable harvest of our forests.


Montana Timber Products is committed to creating a legacy of using and manufacturing sustainable timber products from forests in the Western United States for homes everywhere, through good stewardship of our environment and natural resources.

We are inspired by the weathered history and raw character of the West, resource sustainability and stewardship, forward thinking, beautiful, and functional home designs that tell a story. We hope to be part of your home and your story.