With the increasing prevalence of forest fires in and around our communities, Montana Timber Products set to work and developed two unique fire-conscious offerings that are first-of-their-kind on the market.  These two innovative treatment solutions protect your home from fire without sacrificing the character and beauty inherent to natural wood.  We understand that architects, developers, builders and homeowners need help with code-compliant materials in wildfire zones,  now commonly referred to as the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

What is WUI? The Wildland Urban Interface is the zone of transition between unoccupied land and human development. It is the line, area or zone where structures and other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels.  The WUI is not a place, but a set of conditions that can exist in nearly every state in the country.

The two solutions MTP has developed, Fireline™ and Fire Kote 100™, have been designed to meet state and international guidelines on fire protection, without sacrificing the integrity of genuine wood siding on nature-adjacent structures.  We offer these two solutions at different prices and they are intended for different needs.


We offer an option to treat your Douglas Fir or Cedar material through a certified pressure-treatment process.  This treatment exceeds the most stringent fire suppression standards, such as building in areas designated by the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) code.

Fireline™ treatment uses a vacuum pressure impregnation process to remove moisture and air from the wood cells and replace it with safe, environmentally friendly additives. The enhanced product is then thermally cured, to lock the additives into the wood cells. When the process is complete, the cellular structure of the wood has been altered to make it an enhanced fire-resistant wood product.

The patented fire-resistant formula used in Fireline™ products bonds to the interior structure of the wood during a vacuum-impregnated treatment process. The result is fire protection that lasts for the useful life of the wood product itself. Products never need to be re-treated. Fireline™ is composed of all-natural elements, and they are not toxic to the environment.

See specification sheet for more information.

Things to consider with Fireline™:

  1. There will be a variation of colors caused by the Fireline™ treatment.  The tint coloration and its interaction with treated lumber is not entirely predictable and we cannot completely control the color once the wood has been treated.  Approval of Fireline™ samples is essential in the design process.
  2. Can be applied to siding, soffit, fascia, trim, timbers, posts, beams and decking in Douglas Fir or Cedar substrates.
  3. Fireline™ adds approx. 6–8 weeks to the lead time of a project. 


Fire Kote 100™

We can pre-finish your wood materials with our Fire Kote 100™ product. Fire Kote 100™ is an invisible, spray-applied, water-based fire retardant that reduces flame spread and smoke development.

Montana Timber Products will apply Fire Kote 100™ during our finishing process, so your materials are delivered fully coated and ready to install. Fire Kote 100™ is compatible with all of our product lines and color options and does not change their appearance. Fire Kote 100™ has no petroleum derivatives or PBDEs. Treated surfaces are non-toxic and help to resist black mold, mildews and even insects. It also contains a UV inhibitor, which guards against external sun rays for longer lasting protection on outside surfaces.  Fire Kote 100™ is Fire Rated Class “A” but does not currently carry the WUI compliant designation.

See specification sheet for more information.