Cottage Remodel- ranchwood™ Beams


Where: McCall, Idaho
What: Personal Residence in McCall, Idaho
Special requirements: Faux beams to compliment modern Craftsman Design with Matching Floor
Solution: Ranchwood®  Beam Wrap in Eastern Exposure
Products: 1×6 and 1 x10
Contractor: Dave Jackson Construction
Architect:  EPIKOS LLC, Planning + Architecture

Faux Beam Wraps built with Ranchwood!

This home is located in the heart of downtown McCall, Idaho.  The architect recommended Ranchwood as the best solution to mix the Craftsman design with a bit of rustic flare. 

The homeowners of this residence wanted to maintain a Craftsman design while integrating flooring and faux beam options to add a little rustic flavor.  The six color options of Ranchwood provided excellent options to finish the interior design of their home.  MTP Representative , Marty Melander, met with the contractor and architect to work on color selections, coordinated the installation and  delivery to the project.

Faux Beams and Interior Design Ideas


Vertical Beam Wrap

Exterior and interior beam options often take the place of appearance grade timbers.  A lower cost solution; these wraps require excellent craftsmanship by contractors to ensure the corners are mitered correctly.  Also, it’s important for the wood to acclimate at the interior temperature prior to installation.  Either crafted by Montana Timber Products or by our customers, these continue to be nice options which add to the rustic décor.

Marty continues to work well with local contractors, architects, and new dealers of Ranchwood to educate on the various benefits of the product lines.  The homeowners were pretty excited to finish this remodel project off and start enjoying their place near Payette Lake in McCall.

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