Elegance meets Rustic in a party barn


Where:  Indiana

What: Events venue

Product:  Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ in douglas fir, wire brush Southern and black exterior trim with wirebrush Southern interior.  Vertical shiplap siding 1×10 and horizontal shiplap 1×6, 2×2 Trim and 2×6 fascia.  Interior wainscoting shiplap is 1×10 with 1×6 baseboard and 1×3 trim on wainscoting.

This whimsical rustic venue with a modern flair used a mixture of three wood colors to attain the perfect look for hosting any special occasion.  The horizontal and vertical use of the boards give the exterior definition and depth, while the darker trim pieces allow for contrast in the design.  The primary siding color, Ranchwood™ Southern, keeps very true to the barn rustic theme siding gives the appearance of aged barnwood, giving the look of reclaimed barnwood through our flagship product, Ranchwood.  The wood is easy to maintain with the Seal Once protective coating.  The dark trim, AquaFir™ Black, brings in a modern country tone to keep the venue elegant.   The touch of light wood accents used to create barn doors accentuate the rustic exterior.  The prefinished shiplap siding shows the simplicity of the barn’s architecture be keeping it all one color and letting the trim be the accent and focal point.  


Outdoor weddings are very popular and this venue wanted to create a modern barn with farmhouse qualities to facilitate large groups.  Beautiful settings that provide indoor/outdoor areas create a challenge for any decorator and party planner.  Keeping the venue with a simple elegance in tones that would match any style was necessary. 



The use of the shiplap wainscoting lining the interior walls give something more than white paint, keeping with the farmhouse rustic look, but modern enough to be formal if the venue calls for a different style event.  The use of the same color as the exterior, Ranchwood Southern, keep the simplicity of the design with the 1×10 boards keeps with clean lines and elegance in the interior.  This allows the room to be dressed up or down with other décor used for each event.  Trimming the room with the wainscoting is a lower maintenance design than plastered walls.  In a commercial venue the amount of abuse to the walls is easily disguised by this rustic wood aesthetic. 


No venue is complete without a gorgeous dressing room.  The true simplicity of the wood accent wall framing the dressing space is something to remember.  When decorating, keeping it simple and following the theme of the architecture throughout is away to create balance and elegance without trying too hard.


All materials are pre-finished and come ready to install.  Montana Timber Products feature Seal-Once allowing the beauty of the natural wood to shine through while being protected from the elements.

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