Montana Modern Rustic Home


Where:  Montana

What: Private Residence

Product:  Montana Timber Products exterior siding in wire brush texture, AquaFir™ Battleship finish.   Vertical siding is 1×8 shiplap and the horizontal siding is 1×8 square edge lap. The soffit is 1×6 T&G also finished in the Battleship color.

Product Use: Shiplap is used for the vertical siding and the horizontal siding is square edge lap. Two inch fascia and trim are used to accent the architectural details of the home.

This beautiful home uses profiles and varied vertical and horizontal application of the siding to create interest and highlight the windows and general design of the house. Horizontal use of the square edge lap gives the siding depth and body while providing ever changing shadow lines as the sun travels its daily path through the sky.

The Aquafir™ Battleship color works well with the black window trim. This use of a single color for the siding and trim has allowed the owners to create a very uniform look while using profile and orientation to highlight architectural detail.



Montana Timber Products is a specialty wood products manufacturer of rustic wood siding, interior accents, reclaimed wood, barn wood alternatives with environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. Visit our website,  to learn more about our product lines.

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