Colorado Duplex


Where:  Colorado

Product: ranchwood™, and AquaFir™ douglas fir, find information at:

Product Use: Circle sawn ranchwood™ in greenhorn color with shiplap siding using 1×4, 1×6, and 1×8 material.  Wire brush AquaFir™ in brown color used for: channel rustic siding in 1×8, 1×6 tongue and groove soffit, square edge product for trim in 1×4 and 1×8, fascia in 1×6 and 2×10, garage door headers 3x12x22, deck skirt in 1×6 and 1×12.

Mixing the ranchwood™ and AquaFir™ products along with different profiles (shiplap and channel rustic) gave this duplex a gorgeous exterior.  Combining wood, metal and masonry add layers of texture to create a beautiful aesthetic.

Montana Timber Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty pre-finished wood and reclaimed wood products.  Our process allows us to customize each order to meet the customers needs.  The extensive line of products include:  siding, trim, soffit and fascia, interior accents, timbers, fabricated trusses, decking and glulam beams.  Customers enjoy mill direct pricing, quick delivery, exceptional quality, flexibility of customized colors and profiles.  For a quote or more information call 406-215-4961 or fill out the contact form at:





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