Beauty is on the Inside


Where:  Colorado
Products:  ranchwood™ Artisan product line in dusk color and raked texture using douglas fir wood.
Product use:  1×8 shiplap exterior siding, 1×6 tongue and groove soffit, gabled roof entry ceiling, interior ceiling and walls, 1×8 square edge Trim and accent use.

ranchwood™ Artisan series was inspired by our customers, the character of the wood with the depth of color is crafted into each board.  This house used the dusk color to accent ceilings, entries, and walls on the interior to warm the house and bring in a lot of character.  The exterior mixes the siding materials to create the perfect façade and make a bold statement with  a grand entry.  Be sure to check out the other great colors in the  ranchwood™ Artisan series:

Montana Timber Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty pre-finished wood and reclaimed wood products.  Our process allows us to customize each order to meet the customers design needs.  The extensive line of products include:  siding, trim, soffit and fascia, interior accents, timbers, fabricated trusses, decking, fencing, and glulam beams.  Customers enjoy mill direct pricing, quick delivery, exceptional quality, flexibility to customize colors and profiles. To get a quote or more information call 406-215-4961 or fill out the contact form at:

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