AquaFir™ siding for a Mountain Top Retreat


Where:  Montana
Products:  AquaFir™ product line in bronze cedar finish color and smooth texture.

Product Use:  1×8 horizontal shiplap with 5/8” reveal siding with 1×6 tongue and groove overhangs, and 2×12 rafter tails.  Wood substrate is western red cedar.

AquaFir™ can be provided in either douglas fir or cedar wood species.   AquaFir™ offers multiple texture options including smooth, wire brush, and circle sawn.  The smooth texture on this home refined the mountain modern design.  AquaFir™ is also offered in 17 color options.

We get asked all the time what the siding looks like after it is aging.  On this project, the siding was installed in April of 2018 and photographed August 2020.  The sealant (Seal-Once) and tint have UV protective properties to protect the color. Individual color retention will depend on the exposure to sunlight and other natural conditions.  Re-application of the tinted sealant should be applied typically every 4-7 years depending on the conditions and individual preference.   Seal-Once is water-based non-toxic, ultra-low VOC, and has low odor so it is safe and easy to reapply. Maintenance information can be found at:



Our ranchwood™, AquaFir™, ranchwood™ Artisan, ranchwood™ weathered, Charwood™, and Corral Board product lines offer a full selection of exterior and interior wood materials.  All the products can be used for residential and commercial application.  Each product line is offered in two wood species, Douglas Fir and Cedar in various grades, talk to a Montana Timber Products representative to find out what fits your design and budget best.  Call 406-215-4961 for more information or fill out the contact form at:

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