• Rustic. Refined. Renewable. Introducing our all-natural flagship, ranchwood™ product line -- hand-crafted in weathered barn wood style to add vintage elegance to your home.
  • Prefinished Kiln Dried & Textured Douglas Fir Siding and Timbers. Our distinct style enhances the beauty & texture of wood; while providing long-lasting protection, low maintenance and an environmentally friendly product.
  • Charwood™ is a Japanese style charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban. This process method dates back hundreds of years and is known to add beauty and longevity as well as a strong resistance to rot, pests, and fire.
  • High performance and long lasting. Seal-Once™ seals wood surfaces for up to 10 years and performs exceptionally well against moisture ingress while reducing fungal and microbial attacks by diminishing the available moisture.


  • Corner_house_porch

    Mountain Rustic Prefinished Reclaimed Barn Wood Alternative Ranchwood and AquaFir Siding

    Where: Southwestern Montana What: Resort Solution: Circle sawn texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), 1x6 vertical Shiplap siding, 2×12 Channel Rustic siding. Product: ranchwood™ and AquaFir wood siding and AquaFir timbers. Texture: Circle sawn.   Rock Creek Cattle Company is one of Montana's premier guest ranches, featuring one of the nation's premier golf courses, blue ribbon fishing, trophy hunting, and just abou...  more.

  • IMG_0051

    Prefinished Mountain Rustic Pioneer Wood Siding and Timber Series Make the Perfect Homestead

    Where: Colorado What: Personal Residence Solution: Pioneer Texture Douglas Fir Timbers (beams), Random width vertical Shiplap siding, 2x12 Channel Rustic siding with chinking. Product: ranchwood™ wood siding and timbers. Texture: hand hewn and circle sawn. Our latest project takes us back to an age when building a home was a communal effort and was expected to be your home for life. Harvesting and milling structural timbers and...  more.