Sustainable Pioneers

Montana Timber Products is an environmentally conscious specialty sawmill in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, direct sourcing, and a streamlined distribution network, Montana Timber Products redefines the specialty lumber industry.

We harvest our timber locally from two strategic sources:

  • SMALL SAWMILLS, who work with State and Federal agencies. They play an important role selectively  harvesting dead-standing timber to reduce the risks of catastrophic wild fires in Montana.
  • PRIVATE LAND OWNERS, who reduce forest fuels and improve the health of our native forests by culling dead-standing timber.

Each of these sources utilizes environmentally friendly harvesting methods to:

  • Preserve old growth forests, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce negative impact on delicate soils and water sheds, with no clear-cutting.
  • Utilize 100% of what we harvest.


Montana Timber Products is committed to creating a legacy of renewable timber products from forests in the Western United States for homes everywhere, through good stewardship of our environment and natural resources. We are inspired by the weathered history and raw character of the West, resource sustainability and stewardship, forward thinking, and beautiful and functional home designs that tell a story. We hope to be part of your home and your story.