Ranchwood Channel Rustic with Chinking


Where: Southwestern Montana
What: Custom Residence in Private Resort Community
Special requirements:  Structure that blends with surroundings and appear that they’ve been here for 100 years.  Predicable product which can be customized to fit profile and color requirements.
Solution:  Ranchwood-Tackroom Exposure
Products:  Special 2×12 Channel Rustic Profile for Horizontal application (chinked), 1×6 Ship Lap for Vertical Accents

Private Residence designed with Ranchwood!

The weather conditions of Montana closely emulate much of the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest.  Snow, rain, sun, and wind are the usual elements which MTP’s Ranchwood products must be prepared for.  All products are prefinished with Seal-Once, a durable coating product designed and tested to beat the most harsh weather conditions and protect owner’s investment for years.

Customized 2×12 Channel Profile spaced for chinking 

MTP’s Ranchwood siding is usually combined with either stone or corrugated metal material.  Pictured here, the designer and contractor chose a variety of vertical and horizontal applications of siding and stone to offset the exterior design.

The ability to evaluate design trends across several markets provides Montana Timber Products sales representatives the ability to work directly with contractors and homeowners to suggest product and profile selections, complimentary material choices, and interior finish options to make each home unique and more cost effective.

1×6 vertical Ship Lap in gables accents wider horizontal application



“Montana Timber Products ability to regionally meet with architects and developers is a pillar of the company’s customer service.   Our regional sales representatives understand our products  and have successfully sold Ranchwood to homeowner’s, developers, and contractors across the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest,” said MTP President John Giuliani.

Close Up-2×12 Ranchwood with Chinking




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