ranchwood™ Rustic Rough Cut Prefinished Wood Siding


Where: Maloney Meadows-Bozeman, Montana
What: Personal Residence
Special requirements: Mixed width and color application to emulate reclaimed barn wood appearance
Solution:  ranchwood-Tackroom, Eastern Exposure, Southern Exposure
Products: 1×8, 1×10, 1×12 Shiplap for both horizontal and vertical


ranchwood – Tackroom, Eastern Exposure, Southern Exposure mixed width shiplap  (1×8, 1×10, 1×12)

The combination of color and product width proved to be a winning combination for this personal residence in Bozeman, Montana.  Integration of exterior stone and metal garage door cladding provided an excellent twist to achieve the modern/rustic element the owners desired.  Here, an evening shot exposes the distinction in color variation between the various ranchwood products.



Mixed tones of ranchwood 

As a premium substitute for reclaimed barn wood, customers choose ranchwood design options which closely emulate the appearance of reclaimed-a mix and match of colors and widths placed together in random assortment. The multiple color and width options provided by Montana Timber Products gives customers additional choices when their finalizing both use of exterior and interior product selections.  Copper and metal highlights provide rustic-modern flare.


The owners of this custom home in Bozeman, Montana desired a rustic and authentic exterior product that was more reasonably priced than reclaimed barn wood.  They also desired a product which had superior and reliable coating performance.   As the premium substitute for reclaimed barn wood available on the market, they chose ranchwood, prefinished with Seal-Once as the preferred alternative.




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