Rustic Barn Series Timbers and ranchwood™Siding


Where: Montana

What: Personal Residence

Special Requirements: Find structurally sound timbers and siding that are made to reliable specifications while providing the rustic appeal of reclaimed barnwood.

Solution: 1×8 Square Edge Lap Siding (horizontal) and random width 1×6 and 1×8 Ship Lap Siding (vertical)

Product: ranchwood™ Tackroom Exposure



This home has a western vacation lodge feel with sprawling porches and strong, heavy architectural features. ranchwood™ timbers were used in the construction of this home because of their ability to provide the rustic and windswept look of the west while being structurally sound and produced to the builder’s specific dimensions.


ranchwood™ timbers are utilized in this home’s design in a variety of ways. The large timbers for the porch and deck areas are implemented in a functional, but also cosmetic fashion due to their reliability, durability and rustic appeal. The timbers are also embedded in the truss design and add consistency throughout the home as they complement the ranchwood™ siding.


A cupola was added to the design of this house. This feature, originating most commonly from barns, gives this home a unique look, while giving the owners a functional area to enjoy the beautiful Montana mountain views. ranchwood™ Tackroom exposure Ship Lap siding was chosen as the appropriate product due to its own heritage and inspiration from the barnwoods of the west.




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