Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood Siding, ranchwood™

Posted on: August 21, 2014

Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood Siding, ranchwood™

Where: Montana

What: Personal Residence

Special Requirements: A product made in a variety of siding profiles and color options that will complement corrugated metal exterior wainscoting.

Solution: 1×8 Square Edge Lap siding (horizontal) and 1×8 Ship Lap (vertical), 2″ AquaFir trim material.

Products: ranchwood™ Southern (horizontal siding) and ranchwood™ Eastern (vertical siding)


This home was built with a special corrugated metal wainscoting that is designed to rust and change color over time. Unlike the metal siding, the owners needed a wood siding product that would emulate reclaimed barn wood, yet retain its weathered appearance. The owners decided that ranchwood™, Southern, horizontal, Square Edge Lap siding and ranchwood™, Eastern, vertical Ship Lap siding was the best way to achieve the rustic look they desired without the risk of discoloration or deterioration.


The owners utilized ranchwood™ because it uses Seal-Once™, a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free water proofing that is able to effectively repel the harsh Montana elements and eliminate the damaging effects from the sun that can cause loss of color pigmentation seen in other non-treated wood products.


Designers, builders, and homeowners alike often mix ranchwood’s many profile, texture, application, and color options to add a personal touch to their home designs. It is also not uncommon to mismatch trim and siding options as seen here. ranchwood™, the rustic alternative to reclaimed barn wood, provides the options and durability needed to create specific designs or looks that were previously unattainable with traditional reclaimed wood.


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