Stone, Steel, and Rustic Prefinished ranchwood™ Wood Siding and AquaFir™ Beams


Where: Montana

What: Personal Residence

Solution: 1×6 vertical, Circle Sawn, shiplap siding, 2×12 Circle Sawn, Channel Rustic Siding, and Douglas Fir Timbers (beams).

Product: ranchwood™. Color – Custom. Texture: Circle Sawn. Eastern Trim and AquaFir™ Brown Timbers (beams).


A combination of stone, corrugated steel, cedar shingles, and Montana Timber Products siding and timbers create a another spectacular build.  The mix of exterior products compliment each other well.


Folet Front 02

As seen above, the architect chose to use a custom profiled 2×12 channel rustic siding for the horizontal application and 1×6 shiplap for the vertical cable areas. This 2×12 horizontal profile provides an opportunity to add chinking later and an excellent shadow line of depth. Everything produced by Montana Timber Products is made to order at the customer’s desired specifications, minimizing waste and allowing for a truly custom build.


Foley 05

This entire siding and timber package is part of the Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ product line. The timbers feature a weathered wire brushed texture. The siding features a more traditional circle saw texture replicating the primitive, historic milling process.

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