What: Home Office

Solution: Japanese style charred wood called Shou-Sugi-Ban

Product: Charwood™

Charwood™ is a Japanese style charred wood known as Shou-Sugi-Ban. This method of burning, scorching, or charring the surface of wood building materials dates back hundreds of years. The process adds beauty and longevity, as well as resistance from rot, pests, and fire.

Charwood Blog 1

The photos above and below feature Charwood™ . This custom burn is the most heavily burned of the three Charwood™ offerings, walking a fine line of carbonization to create the perfect alligator like finish. Charwood™ is also offered in Tiger and Ebony; both of which are applied a lesser burn, resulting in different tones of wood grain accent.

Charwood Blog 2

Despite the practical physical properties that Charwood™ is famed for, this home office  is a great representation of the aesthetic beauty and creative potential that Charwood™ offers for interior and exterior accents.

Charwood Blog 3

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