Commercial Event Center- ranchwood™ Siding and Timbers


Where: Utah

What: Commercial

Solution: Circle Sawn and Wire Brushed reclaimed barn wood alternative siding and timbers

Product: ranchwood™ siding and timbers.

Reclaimed barn wood and reclaimed barn wood alternatives offer a certain level of comfort and nostalgia inducing effect that other wood products simply don’t offer. Society continues to move forward, yet we continue to hold dear to certain aspects of our roots; especially in the West. This week’s featured project, a wedding and event center in Park City, Utah, looked to Montana Timber Products ranchwood™ reclaimed barn wood alternative to create a refined, welcoming place for people to gather as professionals as well as family and friends.

High Star Convention Ctr. 5 (Web)

This build utilizes ranchwood™ siding and timbers, Montana Timber Products’ flagship product line. Famed for its authentic reclaimed wood appearance, longevity, and customization options, ranchwood™ is a great solution to traditional reclaimed wood. The siding and timbers are finished with a Circle Sawn texture, emulating the saw marks left from traditional milling processes.

High Star Convention Ctr. 4 (Web)

When planning your next project, residential or commercial, remember that Montana Timber products ‘ large product offering can be customized to meet your needs. This includes custom milling, profiling, texturing, coloring, species, and non-standard dimension lumber.

High Star Convention Ctr. 3 (Web)

Whether you are looking for siding, beams, flooring, or interior accents, Montana Timber Products offers a solution for your rustic needs. All Montana Timber Products’ prefinished wood siding utilizes Seal-Once, a 100% NO VOC waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty against water ingress.

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