Horizontal Channel Rustic and Vertical shiplap AquaFir™ Siding


Where: Jackson, WY

What: Personal Residence

Solution: 1×8 Channel Rustic and 1×6 Shiplap siding. 1×6 Tongue and Groove soffit.

Product:  AquaFir™ Slate Gray siding and soffit. AquaFir™ Slate Gray and Dark Gray trim. AquaFir™ Bronze Cedar posts. Texture: Wire Brush.

This week’s featured project takes us to Jackson, Wyoming; a town defined by its extensive outdoor recreation, stunning landscapes, and focus on sustainable development. Montana Timber Products’ natural reclaimed barn wood alternatives are NO VOC, water based, prefinished products that surpass the environmental standards of conscious communities while providing the aesthetic beauty that meets the authenticity of the landscape.

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Montana Timber Products offers many different natural reclaimed barn wood alternative and authentic reclaimed barn wood siding solutions. One of the advantages of Montana Timber Products is the customization options of all of the products. Each product is milled to order with a profile, texture, color, and style of your choice. The Shiplap and Channel Rustic (Shiplap with a reveal) profiles are popular choices that have both a utility and aesthetic purpose. The Shiplap and Channel Rustic profiles not only eliminate unattractive gaps in your siding, but also add beautiful lines of contour and depth.

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The Montana Timber Products AquaFir™ product line featured in this project is a great solution to bridge the gap between mountain rustic and mountain contemporary architectural design. The Shiplap profile and Wire Brush texture contribute greatly to this natural reclaimed barn wood alternative siding solution. Similar to the multi-chromatic ranchwood™ product line, the AquaFir™ line offers a more subtle multi-chromatic finish, resulting in a fresh, less rustic, contemporary beauty.

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The photos above and below give a closer look at the profile, texture, and color choice used for this build. The color of the siding, Slate Gray, is a color specific to the AquaFir™ product line. The horizontal siding is 1×8 Channel Rustic, and the vertical is 1×6 Shiplap. It is textured in the Wire Brush texture, which assists in the utility and aesthetic properties of the finished product. The increased depth of the wood grain from the Wire Brush texture creates definition, while also adding surface area to the face of the board, resulting in more effective penetration of the Seal-Once, NO VOC, waterproofer.

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Regardless of whether you live in an area where it’s summer year around or only for three months, an outdoor patio is always thoroughly enjoyed by family and guests. This elevated garage-top patio provides ample space and elevation to enjoy the views of this beautiful mountain town.

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Whether you are looking for siding, beams, flooring, or interior accents, Montana Timber Products offers a solution for your rustic needs. All Montana Timber Products’ prefinished wood siding utilizes Seal-Once, a 100% NO VOC waterproofer with a 10 year limited warranty against water ingress.

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