ranchwood™ Siding and Timbers


Where: Wyoming

What: Residence

Product: ranchwood™  Timbers

Solution: Rough Sawn

Views can’t get much better than this, especially framed by Montana Timber Products ranchwood™  Timbers. This magnificent rustic home perched over the highlands of Wyoming exhibits all that our company is about.

The Ranchwood Prairie finish was chosen to accentuate the natural beauty surrounding this high-mountain Wyoming cabin.  Montana Timber Products has the ability to work with Timbers in both Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar and we have several texturing options from a very smooth surfaced option to a Pioneer texture that will look like it lived through a shootout at the OK Saloon.

Our flagship product, ranchwood™ is Montana Timber Products’ chemical free, kiln dried, alternative milled rough stock wood.

As an ideal reclaimed lumber alternative, the aesthetically pleasing rustic barn wood ranchwood™ is the result of an environmentally safe production process.

Offering uncompromising natural, rustic beauty, ranchwood™ is typically less expensive than antique reclaimed barnwood.

Here we see a horizontal square edge lap siding finished in Ranchwood Eastern and hi-lighted by the Ranchwood Prairie natural wood columns.  Montana Timber Products is an excellent choice to provide a variety of exposed beams and exposed timber accents, both for exterior and interior applications.

Wire Brushed and Circle Sawn are Montana Timber Products typical texturizing options, but Montana Timber Products is a custom millwork shop that caters to our customer’s needs.

Circle Sawn texture seen on Montana Timber Products natural wood siding is created by large circular saw blades used in more traditional milling practices.

Added physical and aesthetic depth to the wood grain is available as the Wire Brushed option.

Greater surface area is added during the texturizing process, allowing Seal-Once, 100% NO VOC waterfproofer to more effectively penetrate the wood.

Seal-Once is guaranteed for ten years from water ingress and is safe for exterior and interior use, pets and children.

Montana Timber Products receives repeat orders from contractors who appreciate the fast turnaround time, the custom pre-finishes, variety of color options, and the ability to handle small columns or large ridge beams such a 10″ x 30″ beam applied to this project.

If the environmentally friendly and the renewable aspect of natural wood siding is important to you, be sure to do your homework when choosing your siding, interior accents, trim, timbers, or other wood siding products. Some companies choose to use degenerative chemicals to achieve the desired look and texture of rustic wood siding. This is not the case with Montana Timber Products.

Vintage wood, reclaimed barn wood and reclaimed barn wood alternatives are very popular building materials due to their aesthetic beauty, traditional look, and chemical free finish.

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